Meet The Maker: Moon and Sun Australia

Meet The Maker: Moon and Sun Australia

I'm Ainsleigh and I started Moon & Sun Australia after watching a video on Facebook of Jim Carrey (will get to that in a moment).

I have always been creative, and never really fit the typical mold, which I guess being diagnosed with ADHD at 8 years old was no surprise. I have an untamed wanderlust for many things, I'm the perfect team member for a pub quiz. as a child I loved making things, the only times I was fully focused and engaged was when I was creating.

When I looked to the future I imagined myself as an artist, with an eclectic fashion sense living in a studio apartment by myself and spending my days creating beautiful art works and drinking coffee from local cafes, I should also point out that I also wanted to be a paramedic, join the Army and become a combat medic, a psychologist, a forensic archeologist, "A Full Time Lottery Winner", a Vet, A Drama Teacher... (It's the wanderlust).

What I always came back to was Jewellery making, I loved metalsmithing at school I was lucky enough to do two semesters in Highschool. My parents wanted me to play it safe and paid for a TAFE course in Children's Services, So I did that for ten years, it was great, I had some freedom with creativity but I was never really scratching the "satisfied" itch.

Ten years no studio apartment, an aversion to coffee, but an incredibly supportive Husband, 2 kids and a rental with no air-conditioning (In Western Australia)... and a Facebook video of Jim Carrey presenting a speech at a University, He said, "You can fail at what you don't want, So you might as well take a chance on doing what you love"; Goosebumps all over, it was the tipping point for diving into this passion full time. I hope that I can share my joy, and support as many people as I can to be confidently, unapologetically and peacefully "yourself", through my products.

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