what i found useful for my small business

What I Found Useful For My Small Business

There's literally SO MANY things you could get to up your small business game, and here are just a few things I would recommend getting.


#1 DYMO LabelWriter 4XL

When I first started, I just used my regular printer to print out the shipping labels and taped them onto the package which was not that efficient. With the Dymo printer, it doesn't require any ink since it's a thermal printer. All you have to do is purchase the label rolls.

You can purchase the label rolls in different sizes and use them for so many things. I not only use them for shipping labels but also make fun stickers to go on my packages.

Click here to purchase a DYMO LabelWriter 4XL.


#2 Round Corner Punch

I love updating my packaging for my customers and this is a super great way to turn your cards into something a little more classy. I usually include a thank you card for all my orders and print them with my regular printer and it makes such a huge difference when the corners are rounded.

 Click here to purchase a Round Corner Punch.



My wireless Dremel is literally a lifesaver! You can attach any drill bits or buffing tools to it and it makes sanding your pieces so much easier. Yes, you can use sandpaper but it's using a Dremel with a buffing tool gives it a much cleaner look!

Click here to purchase the DREMEL.


#4 Avery Labels (Round)

Stickers are another thing I love including and sometimes it can be quite pricey to print out your own stickers especially if you just need a small amount. I bought these blank labels and designed my own stickers on Canva. If you're like me, you like changing things up every once in a while and I like putting funny little quotes onto my stickers just to make my packaging a little funkier. 

Click here to purchase Avery Labels.


#5 Backing Cards for Earrings

The trick that I found was to order business cards and to just punch holes yourself. They are MUCH cheaper than buying actual custom earring cards and you can even use the Dremel to drill holes which saves you so much time!

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