Meet The Maker: Ecocentric

Meet The Maker: Ecocentric

Jewellery handmade from 100% recycled plastic

Sacha Barker (Bachelor of Design, Master of Fine Arts) is an artist whose works embrace textile, sculpture and installation. A member of WAFTA (Western Australian Fibre and Textile Association), she has twice had work chosen to appear in the International Biennale Exhibition of Textile Art, Scythia.

Sacha finds inspiration in otherwise discarded objects and materials, to explore new life beyond their past limited framework of human usage.

During a residency at REmida Perth, Sacha collaborated with their JellyFish Plastics Program, which rescues plastic materials and turns them into new products. For example, recycled bottle tops become bowls, plates, vases and classroom materials. Sacha has developed new techniques to make exciting vibrant pieces of jewellery using off-cuts from products made.

With a keen eye for what could be, small batch craftsmanship and commitment to low environmental impact, Sacha creates beautiful jewellery that is unique and vibrant.


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